Mover Kits

For every packing and moving task, our Mover Kits are a brilliant base to get you started. Each kit contains a great value assortment of different sized boxes, along with bubble wrap, wrapping paper, tapes and pens. The kits have been carefully put together to give you the best combination of boxes and supplies to meet your needs. They also come ready-packed in a reusable outer box for your convenience.

The small Mover Kit is ideal for students, couples, or first-time movers and contains a total of 18 boxes, while the medium Mover Kit has a mix of 25 boxes and is great for moving a typical 2 to 3 bedroom house. Our large Mover Kit is perfect for houses with 3 to 4 bedrooms and contains a complete mix of 35 boxes.

Add on cardboard wardrobe boxes, long and tall boxes, and a selection of cardboard archive boxes and you’re good to go. Don’t forget those furniture covers and van kits for your complete peace of mind.

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