Rolls of Bubble Wrap


Designed to protect your fragile belongings from damage, our high-quality bubble wrap not only absorbs the impact from bangs and knocks, it also makes sure your items don’t move around in transit. Ideal for wrapping individual items, bubble wrap is also useful for protecting the corners of large pieces of furniture, or to pad out boxes containing awkward shapes to keep things still and secure.

Our bubble wrap comes in 2 bubble sizes:

  • Large for bigger bulkier items (20mm diameter bubbles) – available in rolls of 22.5m and 45m lengths
  • Small for smaller more delicate items (100mm diameter) – available in rolls of 50m and 100m lengths.

All our bubble wrap rolls are 1.5m wide.

Our bubble wrap can be reused & recycled. Check with your local Council to find out how.

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Large bubblewrap – Full roll, Large bubblewrap – Half roll, Small bubblewrap – Full roll, Small bubblewrap – Half roll

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